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Kyle Tardiff Intervention Plus

Pain with unnecessary hurt and self-harm.

No one ever wants to believe someone they love has become an addict. No matter how much you love them or how much you try to help, the situation can be painful, frustrating and filled with unnecessary hurt.

Most people under the influence of addiction do not recognize they need help and often become defensive when confronted with the issue.  People sometimes engage in self-destructive behavior, rejecting any assistance others may offer.


Family Intervention – We Are Here to Help.

Intervention ProcessA family intervention can be done with love and respect in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental manner.  The motto of Kyle Tardiff, Intervention Plus is; Intervention is the most loving, powerful, and successful method, for helping an addict accept help.

Intervention, when done correctly, is extremely effective in helping your loved one accept help.

The intervention process can be used for people engaged in any form of self-destructive behavior:

  • A person drinking too much: alcohol abuse
  • Drug abuse, drug addiction
  • Eating disorders: an anorexic
  • Gambling addiction, sex addiction

A family intervention is often not only an answer, but the only answer. An intervention done correctly will help a person effectively.

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Intervention with Kyle Tardiff, Extremely Effective and Forever Grateful

“When I first contacted the interventionist, I thought to myself, why bother, my son will never accept help.  After hearing what Kyle Tardiff had to say, I was somewhat optimistic.

After a day passed, we made the decision to go ahead with the intervention, as it was our only hope left.  Upon meeting Kyle and talking to him more and more, I felt there may be a chance.

When the intervention took place, it was a matter of 30 minutes, and my son accepted the help that was offered.  Within minutes, they were on their way to the airport.  I was in complete shock that my son had agreed, but will be forever grateful.

Kyle, you saved my son’s life.  Thank you so much.” -S.T.

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