Addiction Treatments

How Do I Know What Treatment Method is Best?

kyletardiffintervention2There are thousands of programs, philosophies or approaches to treatment. Family, friends proposing an intervention and the addict themselves, often need help in identifying which one is right for them. The chosen program and approach plays an important role in determining if the addict will relapse after treatment. Relapse creates much greater complexity and further risk along with continued pain and struggle for those around them.

“As parents, we were unaware that there were so many types of rehabilitation out there. We thought that one program was as good as the other.  We were wrong”

It is extremely important to the intervention process for a facility to be chosen in advance.  When the intervention is completed the addict leaves immediately, to begin treatment.

What Should We Ask When Looking for a Facility?

When choosing the facility, include the following questions:

  1. What type of rehabilitation do you provide?
  2. How long is treatment?
  3. What is the success rate?
  4. What kind of aftercare is provided?

Choose a facility that is not easy for the person to walk away from.  Physical distance from family and the addict’s life allows them to concentrate on themselves, without the distractions of being concerned about what is going on nearby.

If the prospective treatment centre doesn’t adequately answer your questions or they are illusive as to expected outcome of treatment, consider a second opinion. Addicts live and die by their ability to recover. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.


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