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“When I didn’t know where to turn or what to do, Kyle was the angel who helped me.  From the time we first talked, he was always there to answer questions and address concerns.  Although I was an educator who helped many, many families, the challenge of dealing with my own son and his girlfriend left me totally confused. I felt helpless. On numerous occasions, I phoned and e-mailed Kyle to help guide me through the preparations for the intervention.  He was always available when I needed him.  He so willingly shared his knowledge and expertise.

Kyle, the team I selected and I met the night before the intervention to set up a plan.  Because the people on the intervention team did not all know each other and were most anxious about their role, Kyle very quickly not only won over the support and respect of the team but built a “team”.  He made them feel relaxed and comfortable.  He helped each one of us prepare our letters in a safe and inviting environment.  He coached as to how the intervention was to proceed.

We all met with my son the next morning.  A surprise visit to his home with Kyle taking the lead! A short time into the intervention, I do not know exactly what Kyle said to my son but he agreed to go for rehabilitation.  In less than three hours my son was packed and on his way to the airport.

My son thinks Kyle is just wonderful and he is.  Although my son is in rehabilitation, Kyle is still there for me answering questions that I may have

It is with great pleasure and with the greatest of respect that I would recommend Kyle as an interventionist.”

Mary R. – Edmonton, AB

Getting the Help He So Badly Needed

Dear Kyle,Helping_Others
I am writing this letter to tell you how I feel about my experience in dealing with the intervention we did on my husband. Let me start off by saying that I could not have found a more caring sincere person. You were not only there for my husband but I am not sure what I, or how I would have been able to handle this situation without you.

With all the feelings and emotions I was going through you helped me keep it all in check and deal with the task at hand. (Getting Gil the help he so badly needed.) You were very professional and so easy to share my story with. This was probably the hardest and most personal experience I have had to deal with in my life. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated you being straight and honest with me and helping me to try and understand the addicts mind. I really value your life experiences and fully trust your judgment. All the arrangements that you did for Gil to get him to the treatment center, I can’t thank you enough. With me being so stressed out knowing I had you on my side at this time to talk to, to lean on and really feel like you understood my agony.  I would recommend your services to any one going through the personal hell of a loved one’s addiction. I am still struggling to deal with it all and know there is a long road ahead but honestly feel you lightened my load and you gave me some hope when I thought there was none left.  Even though I have only known you briefly I will forever be grateful and you will always have a very special place in my heart.

Sincerely, Terena

Forever Grateful

When I first contacted the interventionist, I thought to myself, why bother, my son will never accept help.  After hearing what Kyle had to say, I was somewhat optimistic.

After a day passed, we made the decision to go ahead with the intervention, as it was our only hope left.  Upon meeting Kyle and talking to him more and more, I felt there may be a chance.

When the intervention took place, it was a matter of 30 minutes, and my son accepted the help that was offered.  Within minutes, they were on their way to the airport.  I was in complete shock that my son had agreed, but will be forever grateful.

Kyle, you saved my sons life.  Thank you so much.


Confidence and Compassion

By the time we made the first call to Kyle we knew our family member was in a desperate state.  So were we.  We knew my brother-in-law needed help beyond programs he had tried in the past.  We also felt we had one shot to get him that help.

Speaking with Kyle we quickly realized his personal experience with addiction and his experience working with families would prove invaluable.  He answered all our questions with confidence and compassion.  We needed reassurance this was the right thing to do.  Kyle, through his own questions about the situation and our various relationships, came to know not only my brother-in-law but, us. He reassured us this was the move to make to give my brother-in-law a chance.

It was particularly comforting to have a “walk thru” of the intervention.  We all understood the process and why it would work.  Kyle allowed us the opportunity to talk about my brother-in-law, providing clarity for all of us that this was the right thing to do.

The necessity of a professional became brilliantly clear at the intervention. My brother-in-law stated we couldn’t understand what he was going through (in effect saying, we didn’t know what we were talking about). Kyle stepped in and said he was right, we couldn’t but he (Kyle) could, he had been there himself. It was that moment my brother-in-law really started to listen.  That moment of honesty from Kyle, opened the door for my brother-in-law to consider getting help.  That moment may have saved his life.

Your Expert Service

”Good Morning Kyle, I know this finds you well. I just wanted to thank you. You have saved Jay’s life. Without your help then Pat would be planning his funeral now. I spoke with his counselor last Friday and he is doing quite well, and it all began with you. My soul thanks you and goes with you as you help the many others that so desperately need your expert service. God Bless you and yours always. He blessed us by sending us YOU… ”



Kyle was recommended to me by THE ONTARIO DRUG REHAB DIRECTORY. I made contact with him immediately and he answered many questions that I had about interventions; how they work, how to plan, and if it was suitable for the situation. My sister-in-law was on a downward spiral and didn’t have much time before she either killed herself or someone else. She had run out of options and her family and friends felt helpless.

Over the course of a few short days, we made a plan and Kyle worked with our family to answer their concerns and set the plan in motion. During the intervention, we put Kyle’s plan into place and he knew exactly when to ask the right questions and made everyone feel comfortable, even my sister-in-law.

My sister-in-law is now in rehabilitation and on her way to recovery. I am so thankful for Kyle, his knowledge, commitment and calmness. I truly believe that without his guidance, the outcome would not have been positive and my sister-in-law may have lost her last chance.

Thanks, Kyle!

True Empathy, Guidance and Support, unlike any Professional.

I can only start off by saying, how overwhelming, shocking, and difficult it is when a loved one has come to the point of needing help with their addiction. Whether the individual has come to you needing help, or whether you see that it is perhaps the right time to make a call – it can be scary, worrisome, and extremely challenging knowing what the best thing to do is.

In my own experience, the best and most crucial first step I made was calling Kyle. From the minute I called, I felt at ease with the knowledge he provided, the professional guidance and big picture perspective he was able to provide me with of what was taking place in my friend’s life and struggle with addiction. He served as a true partner to the emotions that I was experiencing and trained me every step of the way, to contacting my friend’s family and being an ongoing support at such a difficult time. He empowered each of us and guided each of us through the process in the ways that each of us needed for ourselves and our own heart.

Beyond his professionalism, is a character of strength, compassion and empathy. He was our strength, our confidence and our calm. He was endlessly available at any time for our calls, our challenges and guided us right through the process to preparing for an intervention right through to the intervention and driving with us to the treatment center for my friend.

Our dear friend who has been struggling with addiction for over 20 years, accepted rehabilitation after our intervention with Kyle and is on the path to a new life. I know that without Kyle being our coach and without the person behind his professionalism, that things just would not have ended this way.

It’s a big thing to be faced with such an obstacle in life, but we are truly blessed when we have the opportunity to connect with a true person; one who has a genuine heart, and an ongoing need to be there for people to help them, with the communication skills, leadership, perspective and knowledge to make the process a success. Kyle has been exactly that. And for him, we are beyond words and truly grateful.

Thank you Kyle from the bottom of our hearts for your care, your ongoing advice, support and professionalism in saving our loved ones’ life. I encourage anyone going through this, to do one right thing and call Kyle. He will be your best first step and will be an ongoing support to you in all the right ways, throughout this overwhelming process.

Thank you, Kyle!

L.D., President

A True Professional

Dear Kyle,

It is almost impossible to find the words to truly express our gratitude for what you have done for our loved one, our family, and our friends.  You are a true professional that creates a loving, compassionate and realistic approach in helping those who suffer from addiction through the intervention process.

As a family, we felt we were in a crisis situation that needed additional support to guide us in providing the help that was so desperately needed.  You were not only prompt and professional at all times but also genuine, respectful and understanding throughout the entire process.   You became “part of the family” immediately and we will be forever grateful to you.

We also appreciate your follow up in stopping by the facility to visit our loved one after the intervention.

We wish you all the best in the future, you are truly an angel.

Guidance, Expertise & Patience

On January 3rd, 2016, Mr. Kyle Tardiff of Interventions Plus (Quebec City), conducted an intervention with our family to encourage our 18 year old son to seek treatment at an addiction centre for a serious cocaine addiction problem.  Thankfully, the intervention was successful in that our son accepted the offer extended to him to undertake rehab at a renowned addiction facility for a 30 day period.

Without Kyle’s guidance, expertise, patience and most importantly anticipation of what we could expect in our son’s behaviour, reaction and next step(s) we would have been totally lost and overwhelmed with the lack of understanding as to whom to turn to and what to do.

Upon initial contact with Kyle three days prior to the intervention – having been referred to him through the addiction centre – Kyle immediately demonstrated compassion and an understanding of the deep emotional situation that we were in.  Despite having never met us in person, he immediately bonded with our family and we felt a trust that typically would require years to manifest.  Although our discussions initiated over the holiday period, Kyle was always there to answer are calls, regardless of the time or frequency.

Equally, our son quickly developed a similar relationship with Kyle on the morning of the intervention and through this connection, likely removed the barriers to accepting the help he so desperately required.   Kyle’s real life experiences and understanding of the situation at hand are paramount to his success and place him way above any “perceived” expert based on textbook learnings alone – simply, there is no comparison.

Since day one, Kyle has and continues to be there when we need him and as we need him.  He is the guiding light that helped us to bring our son back into our lives and put him on the path to wellness.  Simply put, we don’t know how we would have done this without the expertise and assistance of Kyle Tardiff and encourage any other family experiencing similar such circumstances to embrace the support that he has to offer.


Aurora, Ontario.

Wisdom and Intervention

I can only hope, that I word this e-mail, to both encourage people looking for help and to warmly and sincerely thank Kyle for his generous ability to impart wisdom and intervention.

Families are so very complex and mine was of no exception.  Kyle was so very good to stay in constant contact in such an overwhelming and uncertain time.  It was an intervention that took a man who would give his word and not renege on it.   Even after my son went in to Rehab, Kyle has stayed true to his word.

Kyle genuinely jumps right in to your family (crazy dynamics and all) and helps to disengage, and place in proper ownership, the issues that have been unpackaged.   Each person will have a chance to change within the family, and oh, what an opportunity!

Kyle is truly one of a kind.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone searching for an intervention for a family member or friend.HEART1

Thank you Kyle, forever. From the bottom of my families heart️.


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