The Intervention Process

The Process of an InterventionIntervention Process

Once you’ve made the decision to have an intervention with a professional interventionist, Interventions Plus will work with you to create a plan ALL involved agree with.   We will discuss and agree to the details; who will participate, when and where the intervention will take place.

Step One – Family Day

When Interventions Plus arrives, our first step is “Family Day”. This is a key component of the intervention.  We begin by discussing the addict’s life.  How did they end up an addict?  By working with the family, we allow them to vent their emotions and frustrations.  Any questions can be answered during this time.

“We needed reassurance this was the right thing to do.  Kyle, through his own questions about the situation and our various relationships, came to know not only my brother-in-law but, us. It reassured us this was the move to make to give my brother-in-law a chance”

Step Two – The Intervention

Working within our plan and agenda, the intervention takes place.

Step Three – SupportFamily support in Intervention

Interventions Plus is available to work with the family after the intervention is complete.  The actual process of intervention may not be over.  What if the person wants to leave the rehabilitation facility, or questions their decision?  We are here to help you deal with any potential situation.

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